Life on the Terrace: The sweet memories

First, This blog is about my beloved Kaya Futbol Club. The reason and history why I’m supporting this Club above all. The Most Awesome Players of Kaya FC for me.

He’s the Reason why I loved Kaya FC

Lexton Moy, He’s my first Kaya FC friend. The man w/ an awesome personality. 

How I meet him: I tweeted him on Twitter, and I ask If can follow me back, because he’s really kind. He did, So, I sent him a DM saying I will come to their game, And I will look for him and Nate. And He replied through a mention and I promise him that I will watch all of their game! Miss the Ninja thing Lex! :)

~~~ And because I always watch KayaFC Games.. I meet them..

No other than My Ultras Kaya Family. Introduce me what really football is, introduce what’s the real meaning of a FAN. And what’s the meaning of REAL FRIENDS is.

How I meet them: Kaya FC Fan Page post the Ultras group, I remember the group was open before and accepting members, and then I joined. Before, I dont have any idea about this group, but suddenly, I saw them at Kaya vs Nomads game. No wonder, Making noise, and supporting the boys. And me, I was like. “Wow!” At first, I was only silent because of shyness but later on, I realized na ang ingay ko na din pala nun.. And then, after the game. My feeling was so diff. and approach them at the group, and I and my brother watched the Semis live.

Of course, Mawawala ba siya? Nate Burkey, Man that is just silent but so kind.. That’s why I’m a big fan of him.

How I meet him: I, My cousin, and Ate Maricel watched a Global FC game, and He watched the game too. So I had a chance to have a picture w/ him. :) This is My Favorite Picture of us together.  Love his smile forever. <3

~~~ My 2nd Love.

Alexander Luis Borromeo, The guy behind my jersey. A Guy with lovely personality. I hope he will be back very soon because we already miss him.

How can I forgot this Awesome Guy?? No other than Yannick Tuason. Rian’s Love. He’s really funny and bully. Just so you know. He will teach you how to sign inside the ball. lol Kidding :) We Love you Yanu!

Masanari Omura. Men! You should know how awesome he is. I first met him in Rizal when he came back from Japan..

Prince Mark Boley, A guy w/ a good heart and always online. hahaha! He’s so kind and funny. That’s why were always chatting on Facebook w/ friends. :)

The best man ever! Eddie Mallari, He’s so AWESOME! A guy w/ a good wink skills. :) I want to type more about him, but I choose to be silent nlng. haha!

Saba Sadeghi w/o Molars. hahaha! He’s funny just so you know. Like Eddie, He got the Wink skills too.. :)

Russel Gonzales Pierson, The guy in #12.. Such kind. Bully too like Yanu! hahaha!

~~~ The Last Person is the awesome guys ever!

Jonahan Romero that we love. Talkative, kinda crazy, and a great composer of songs! You should know! :))) Obviously, He love snickers! <3

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Paolo Pascual

Your smile that fires

Your plays that inspires

Your sparkling eyes that will never expire

Makes me feel your ruling my whole empire

Your body that is burning like hell

But a handsome face like an angel

You have an attitude that everyone could tell

and A personality that made everyone fell.

— @Neil18Paolo :*

W Update: Soccer star and latest Folded & Hung endorser Neil Etheridge models the trendy print for Fall


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- The heck! :)))

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"To be honest, when it comes to heartbreak, I’m probably not the best guy to ask because I’m married to my childhood sweetheart. We met when we were 16, we’ve been married four years. But to avoid a breakup, in any relationship, I think it’s important that there’s a certain amount of give and take. Trust, as well, is the most essential part of a relationship. If there’s no trust, I don’t think it’s worth the tears. - Rob Gier"

To be honest, Sobrang hirap ng humanap ng lalaking ganito magsalita …

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